Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smoothing things out

Last night, rather than work on any of the projects I have already started...I decided it'd be a great idea to iron out some new fabric and cut more strips. Sure, because who DOESN'T want to iron when it's 90+ degrees out??


Anyway, it has come to my attention that I should probably acquire some kind of ironing board. Last night I was ironing on a stack of fabric on my desk. Effective for fat quarters, but certainly not for yardage.

What do you iron on?

I should have stuck around for #talknt on Twitter last night, since they were talking about ironing, but I got distracted, as always. :(


  1. We have a "big board" on top of a normal ironing board. It is fantastic if you have the room for it.

  2. You can always come over and use my ironing board. I have a big one and a small table top one.

  3. I have an ironing board I have never used... I throw a towel down on a desk or table, depending on where ever I happen to be, and just use that. easy peasy! What is #talknt about?