Monday, August 1, 2011

Small Blog Link Up

Small New Blog Meet-Up

Hi everyone! I'm joining up with Lily's Quilts for the Small New Blog Meet Up! I've increased my following by one this week to 12, so I still definitely qualify!

My blog name, Hope Sewing is Genetic, comes from my beloved grandmother's gift for sewing. She was able to do any craft possible, it seemed, from quilting to crochet to counted cross stitch; her gift for creating extended into her lovely gardens, too. 

(still unfinished quilt for our bedroom)

I started quilting in November of last year, when I purchased a cheeeeeap Singer machine during Target's Black Friday sale. I was getting out of playing World of Warcraft and looking for a new hobby to replace it. I figured, "Well, Grammy was good at sewing, and I certainly spent enough time at her house growing up, so some of it had to have sunk in...right??"

Things have gone well so far - I have sewn several projects for around our house and a bunch of skirts for my good friend's daughter. I've already moved on to Bertha, my Brother CS6000i, who I am very much in love with (just don't tell my husband!).

I finished my first quilt this weekend, in fact: a jelly roll race quilt, in lovely shades of pink and purple and white, for a coworker whose girlfriend is expecting their first daughter any day now!

(My first finish, hooray!)

Other than quilting and sewing projects, you'll find some book reviews/comments, updates on the status of our various home improvement projects, and darling pictures of my kittens!

(This is Molly, our acro-cat!)

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to following you back! :D


  1. I'm number 13! I too started quilting after beefing my WOW addiction, lol. Your first quilt is adorable? I just finished my jelly roll race quilt today
    This conversation sounds familiar, very de javu!

  2. I saw Sharon P's link and ran over here to check you out and I am #14. Today has been a crazy day for me, I just finished up a charity challenge and giveaway. I have so much to learn. Blogging and giveaways is/are not easy. :) My blog is
    The Learning Curve ~ Where Fabric Becomes Art Drop in and visit. Yesterday I gave away a $50 in store (quilt) $50 spend. I had reached 50 followers. Woot at 100 I hope to be able to afford $100 Jeanne

  3. Congratulations on your first quilt!

  4. So I must be #16 ? haha. I don't have a blog (maybe down the road) but I'm enjoying getting to know the online quilting community. Congratulations !

  5. Hi, Another new follower from Lily's - me! Well Done with quilt - it's lovely :)

  6. welcome to quilting AND blogland! I think I've already said how much I love your blog name! :-)
    I love your acro cat too!

  7. i love your first quilt finish- the colors are great!

  8. Nice to meet you! I just finished my second quilt so we are pretty much at the same level. I was starting to feel like everybody else around here had been quilting forever!

  9. Great to meet up with another new blogger, it can be all a bit daunting but rewarding in the end!

  10. Hi! I'm #24, over from Lily's. I look forward to following your kitty/quilting/sewing Adventures.

  11. I love the colors you used in the quilt for your bedroom, I am working on one with a super similar color scheme.

  12. Also popping by from Lily's - I look forward to follow you and see more quilts :)

  13. I came from the blog meet as well. Nice to meet you and your blog! Your 'acro' cat is simultaneously adorable and scary, haha! I'm kind of glad my cat never got that nimble... that would scare the bageezus out of me! And congrats on the first finish!


  14. Love your bedroom quilt. It's going to be gorgeous. Great blog name and you are so lucky to have quilting in your genes!