Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacay review

So before leaving for vacation I did a 10-on-Tuesday list of things I was looking forward to on vacation.

Well...I think we did pretty well!

1 - Loved the Smithsonian, again - most importantly, the dinosaurs!

Attempt at panorama shot of T-Rex. Not perfect, but darn good for like, my second try, okay?

2 - Well, I was on the other side of the country from work, so big checkmark there, too!

3 - The Mutter Museum was pretty darn great as well. They don't allow photography, unfortunately - though by that point Jeff didn't have any batteries left in his camera anyway. Definitely recommended if you're a science nerd with a tough stomach in the Philadelphia area!

4 - Another checkmark! I'm a dork who doesn't take photos of myself with my favorite people, but I definitely should have, because my aunt's one of my best friends. She sent me home with a ton of fabric, which I'll post about tomorrow, probably.

5 - My cousin's wedding was beautiful. The ceremony, which was both in English and Spanish (solely for the groom's benefit!) was great, and it was good to meet him, of course! I got to practice my Spanish when listening to him chat with my cousin - I'm much too chicken to actually SPEAK Spanish, unfortunately, but I sent him a Facebook message today telling him I wish he and her all the best :)

Hubs and I, blurrily enjoying ourselves :)
6 - I got a gelato from Rita's - tangerine ice with vanilla custard, mmmmmm - and we ate at a few other places we don't have here (including Five Guys, which I didn't enjoy as much as the folks on the Howard Stern show seemed to think I was supposed to), so that was cool.

7 - I didn't get through as many podcasts as I expected, but I managed to finish all three books that I took with me, which is just as good, since I have over 100 that I haven't read yet (that's the hoarder in me coming out!)

8 - No cooking or driving done by me, check and check!

9 - Aaaaand no talk radio, either, just some Larry Miller podcasts and lots of my folks' classic rock stations.

10 - The crap I had to do at work today definitely indicated that I was NOT at work for six days, so clearly I completed that all around!

All in all it was an okay trip. I don't really like traveling, I don't think - I can never sleep on planes, I can't sleep in strange beds...I like my house. And I missed my kitties!

One final photo:

Saber-Toothed Cat, Smithsonian Natural History Museum

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  1. Thanks for the review! You got photos of the fossils for Sana. Check! I hope your kitties are cuddlier than that ;-) I totally know what you mean about talk radio. My husband loves Howard! He can be entertaining but I also need music - especially on longer trips.