Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hooray for me!

Nothing like a self-indulgent title like that, huh? I think I deserve it, though - my boss told me today that I'm getting a $500 merit bonus based on work I've done to increase our customer retention numbers! The email he sent out about it makes it look like I might have the chance to earn this much extra every month - but even if I don't, that's a HUGE complement from him, considering I've NEVER gotten a bonus that big before!

The last bonus I got was last summer, when I got $300 - I managed to acquire $1,000 in old school tractor-feed paper for free, so my boss gave me some of the savings. Woot.

Anyway...what to do with it!? I know I *should* save it, or put it towards the house - we have two more bedrooms and a bathroom to work on, and those are expensive projects...

But the other part of me wants to buy a bigger one of these:

or maybe a bunch of pretty fabrics.... or maybe even one of these:

I have no idea what I'd DO with an iPad...but they're neat looking. LOL. 
What do you do to spoil yourself when you come into a bonus like this???


  1. Congrats! I love my IPad. I use it for everything, I'm on it right now :)
    But I don't have a smart phone so I have this instead.
    I vote for the mat and some fabric! Found money should be fun money if possible!

  2. Congrats! I say go on a fabric binge! The Ipad is fun too tho!

  3. I, love my iPad. It was a gift from my husband for my last birthday. I didn't think we needed one, we didn't. I didn't know what I would do with it. Like Sharon, I do everything on it.

    I'm not very good with found money. I tend to put it aside and then sound it on dumb groceries. Although, it is fun to go and get a real hair cut once in a while. It feels so good to have someone play with my hair.

    Congrats on the bonus!