Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - vacation style!

I'm leaving for vacation in less than 10 days, so my 10-on-Tuesday will be all about that! 

10 Things I'm Looking Forward to Whilst on Vacation

1. The Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Natural History! My husband and I are huge science nerds - he's getting a Master's in biology while on his way to pursuing a forensic anthropology career, and I married him, so that explains me. ;) The Smithsonian's got a Human Origins exhibit going on right now, and we're really excited to see the casts of the different species that led to us! This is in addition to the amazing ocean exhibit and the dinosaurs that were there when we went last time. 
2. Getting time off work! It's been since our honeymoon two years ago since I got to take more than four days off in a row - this time I'll get, um, six. Hooray! :)

3. More museums! Going along with number 1, we're also heading to the Mutter Museum (warning: website not for the faint of heart!). It's a museum of medical history and oddities, including more skeletons and specimens and all kinds of things like these skulls: 

4. Visiting with my favorite aunt, who lives in Delaware. We chat via email all the time, complaining about all the usual things - work, husbands, family, etc. The best part? She's a crafter/sewist, too! Her fabric stash is huge - she's instructed me to bring an extra suitcase to fill with fabric so I can make more lovely jelly roll quilts (she's a big fan of the ones that I've made/started so far). Can't wait!
5. Going to my cousin's wedding. My cousin's fiance was finally able to get a visa to move to the US from Mexico, so they're finally able to be together! They were originally planning to get married back in April, but as with all things bureaucratic, it took longer than expected. It's probably for the best, though, since she's a teacher and will get to have a week or two off after being married to stay home and enjoy that! If you're interested in donating to a very worthy cause, check out her DonorsChoose.org page. :)

(Phew, 10 is harder than I expected, and I'm writing quite the novel! Oops!)

6. Food! There are a bunch of east-coast places I don't get out here in California, like Rita's Italian Ice, that I'm looking forward to!!

7. Podcast love! I have a TON - literally like, six months' worth, if I listened to them all day, every day - of podcasts on my iPod that I have to catch up on. Old episodes of Loveline (mmm, Dr. Drew!), lots of Adam Carolla, and all kinds of other things. Plane flights = iPod time, at least for me!

8. Not having to cook or drive: Not that I really cook, um, ever, and I don't drive much at all, either, but since we'll be staying with my parents and won't be renting a car, I won't have to worry about either task!

9. Not listening to talk radio: While yes, I will be listening to my own pod casts, as mentioned up there in number 7, I don't have to listen to any of hubby's talk radio - which means a break from Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. I don't mind TOO much, but a break will still be nice. :)

10: Have I mentioned not being at work? I did? Oh. Well. It's important enough that it deserves two numbers!!! :)


  1. Oooh everything sounds so exciting! Those museums sound sooo interesting! Have a great time going back home! It sounds like you'll have a great time!!

  2. Have a safe trip! I'm jealous of your museum going...

  3. Loveline! I grew up in/still live in the Los Angeles area where Loveline originates from (KROQ 106.7) and I've been listening to the yummy Dr. Drew forever. :) Don't forget to add my podcast to your iPod...The History Quilter. Oh, and check your mail soon for a dots swap fat quarter from me. I received yours! :)

  4. We just got back from DC and it was wonderful! Loved loved loved the museums. :-) Enjoy your vacation and thanks for linking up!

  5. Hi Steph, I found your blog over at Lily's. Like what I am seeing here! My favourite pic so far is the kitty hanging on that door ;-) I am studying to be a geologist (majoring in paleontology) - so I understand science nerds ;-) Love the Smithonian! I was an AuPair in the DC area and my husband used to live there. Have fun on your vacation and I hope I'll "hear" from you. Sana