Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another finish, and another WIP (edited to add SBM!)

Small Blog Meet
Edit: Hi everyone from Small Blog Meet-up! This isn't the most current post on my blog, but it IS the most current post that makes it look like I actually have completed something! ;) The post I originally did for the link-up can be seen here. :) 

I wasn't able to blog about this quilt before because it was a gift and I had to wait until it was given. It's another jelly roll race-style quilt, made from stashed fat quarters and bits left over from other fabric. The front's all regular cottons, the back, solid black flannel. It's a couch sized piece (the photo shows it spread out on our bed, which is a flattened out futon and slightly smaller than queen-sized). Hopefully it keeps my cousin and her new husband warm for many years!

I've also started a new jelly roll quilt, this one nine-patch style. Joann had some half-jelly-rolls on clearance (only 20 strips?? it forced me to go back for a second trip) for $7, so I bought some, along with packs of charm squares to work with, too.

I love the calming blues mixed with the browns and oranges. I am trying my best to actually follow all the steps in the book, including ironing - which I hate!!!

What are you guys working on this weekend?


  1. Love your quilts and your color combos! Love that you are embracing your "inner old lady". ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm going to follow yours too if you don't mind.. Look forward to more posts and getting to know you.

  2. Your last picture stopped me, I just finished a quilt from the same jellyroll, which I bought a while back. I was wondering what happened when I ran out of strips, now I see it was a short roll. I guess I need to read labels. I do love those colors though.

  3. Hi Steph, I just stopped by as a part of the Small Blog Meet. I also just got the same jelly roll from Joanns on clearance, but I bought three of them and a fq set since I didn't have any project in mind when I got them. And ironing is your friend! I sometimes skip out on ironing as I go and I always regret it. Things just look so much better when you stop and take the time to iron seams!

  4. found you via SBM, love your "embracing my inner old lady" line. everyone gives me a hard time about how i like to do old spinster things. I'll be visiting my grandmother and I'm bringing a LOT of quilt stuff to work on. look forward to following your blog :D

  5. SBM from Lily's Quilts. The inner old lady, funny!

    I was called granma when I was only 8 years old!!

    Visit if you get a second, I'm your 35th follower!