Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wow! Hi Everyone!

Wow, the Small Blog Link-Up sure has been great - I've almost  officially doubled my followers in only a few days!

I'm thinking a giveaway at 50 followers and another at 100 - sound good to you guys? I'm sure it does!

So here's the question - what sort of fabric do YOU want to see as a prize? Scraps from my (admittedly meager) stash? Gift card someplace? Some fancy charm pack or jelly roll?

Tell me!


  1. Yea the small blog link up has been great. I only had three followers yesterday, now I have 21 and so many great comments. It has really surprised me.
    Little scraps are so handy, ones trash is another ones treasure!

  2. I did the same thing...prizes at 50 and then 100. Now I am trying to get to 300 :)
    I think any prize is nice, but something current is always nice.