Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I'm a little in love with Pinterest right now, even though it's not as reliable as one might hope. Whether it's finding adorable quilts to drool over / use as inspiration or pretty flowers to use as inspiration for tattoos, it's definitely been keeping me busy...often at work. Oops.

Anyway, are you on Pinterest? Check me out here!

So yeah, tattoos? I'm hoping to get another one. If I get another bonus like the last one, I want to get morning glories like so:

on my right arm, similar to this arrangement:

Found here

I need to find a good artist in my area; I'm not thrilled with the place I went to for my previous work. :) My bonus wouldn't come for another three months or so, though, so there's plenty of time!

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  1. Oh, how I love Pinterest! But it has made me want things I never knew I wanted! I have seen some freaking amazing tattoos on there. Some are so unbelievable, I wonder if they are real, or photoshopped. Either way, it is a definite hot spot of inspiration!