Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's probably best not to consider the long-term effects of the amount of bread (fresh, warm, mmm) that I have just consumed/am in the process of consuming.

Jeff and I do not own a scale. His grandparents, however, do, and thus when we visit, I inevitably weigh myself while there. Of course, this inevitability usually occurs right after a large meal - in this case, Christmas dinner.

I wasn't exactly thrilled to see that I've really gained 20 pounds since meeting my husband.

He says it's a good thing; lots of it is muscle, in my legs, from a summer spent cycling (up to 25 miles at a time). It makes me look more "womanly," and then he said some other things that shouldn't be repeated.

It doesn't help that his sister recently lost probably 45 pounds and now has the "perfect" supermodel (read: tall and stick-thin) figure.

The New Year is a-comin', and with it its pledges and resolutions toward self-improvement.

This year's question ends up being: To join a gym, or not? Chico's weather is great a few months of the year; unbearably hot for maybe a month in the summer, and unpredictable and rainy during the winter. Theoretically, it would be good for me, but I fear that it would end up being a money-sink.

Thoughts, experiences?

Monday, December 27, 2010


Maybe it's my age, maybe it's seeing Jeff interact with kids. I don't know.

I want a baby.

Not desperately, in a way where I'm going to sabotage our condoms or something like that... but I want a kid. I'm not sure how great I'll do at it, but I KNOW Jeff will be a good dad. He's amazing with his niece, with the kids he works with. They all like him. Strangers' babies stare at him whenever we're out (this must mean something, right?).

So we've set a date. With a few caveats (like, I don't know, that he has paying work), we're going to start trying on his birthday, November 19, of next year.

Oh man.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Not including anything my husband has purchased, I have 182 books that I own and have yet to read.

My goal for next year: 60.

We'll see how it goes. Included in that 60, though, will be re-reading the first George R.R. Martin book before the HBO show starts (which I cannot WAIT for, it looks AMAZING).

I've been working on a patchwork quilt. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Jeff got me 365 Foundation Quilt Blocks, by Linda Causee, for Christmas. I'd taken it out of the library, so now I can return it because he got me a nice new copy. :D What a great guy.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I live with an idiot

Okay, maybe not an idiot, exactly... maybe just a moron?

Apparently Jeff didn't realize that my top priority for him, now that he's finished his BA and the student-loan-repayment-time-clock is ticking, is getting a job. I found some great positions for him to apply for - including a position similar to his current "job" (if 6 hours/week counts) working with kids who have autism that pays $18/hour - unheard  of in this town! - and he DIDN'T jump right on that? I'm sorry, if I thought I were even vaguely qualified I'D have sent my resume in ASAP.

Sigh. Yes, I really must be Supergirl, since I have to do everything on my own...

But at least our basement is starting to look nice?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Coming soon....

A very lengthy but hopefully thorough list of the books I have in my library that are as-yet unread, to be checked off (so to speak) as I read them.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is when we're supposed to set goals for the next year, right? Well...

(italicized items have been completed!) 

-Read a book a week, all year. If I do that, I'll be "caught up" with my to-be-read pile by the end of 2012, just in time for the world to end.

-Work on the house
    -Finish painting doors in office, install office ceiling fan, and figure out switch in office. Paint closet, possibly install closet organizer
    -Finish hallway at the end of the kitchen (joint compounding, painting, baseboards, chair rail, new doors, door trim)
    -Get kitchen floor tiled - was quoted $400 for labor, not including materials, by a coworker of mine, which definitely seems reasonable, given all the angles around our cabinets
    -Complete random tasks like switching outlets and outlet covers, as necessary
    -Hopefully remodel the bedroom, including tearing out old carpet/laying new carpet, new window, maybe replacing the sliding glass door with a bigger window and filling in the rest (aforementioned coworker says it's definitely doable), smoothing out walls, painting, figuring out better solution for basement entrance, installing ceiling fan, redoing closet arrangement
    -Roll out insulation in attic and put down plywood so it can properly be used as storage.

-Make sure Jeff gets a job so we can complete all "work on the house" tasks.

-Working out - oh, a love-hate relationship here. Three times a week? Who knows. We'll see how that goes.

-Set up an shop - why not, maybe it'll pay for my newfound love of sewing. If not, then I'll jsut have a shitton of purses to give away, huh?

That's all I've got for now. Now, to find motivation... anyone up for helping? LOL.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I want to be lonely again

It's so much easier to be lonely than to be a friend to someone, anyone. There are days when I miss being invisible. I want so badly sometimes to say "No, I do not want to see you today, or hang out, or whatever, even though we always do that on this day," but I don't get that choice anymore, because people don't exactly appreciate that.

But it would be easier.

I even prefer playing World of Warcraft alone most of the time. Yes, I'd get farther, faster, with others, but I like feeling like I'm the only one in that world, sometimes.

It doesn't help that many of the people I have to be around a lot drive me insane, and don't make any sense to me. Some day things will change, but for now, there's nothing to be done about them.

I'm rambling.

It's sleepytime. Sorry if this was a disappointing return.