Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's probably best not to consider the long-term effects of the amount of bread (fresh, warm, mmm) that I have just consumed/am in the process of consuming.

Jeff and I do not own a scale. His grandparents, however, do, and thus when we visit, I inevitably weigh myself while there. Of course, this inevitability usually occurs right after a large meal - in this case, Christmas dinner.

I wasn't exactly thrilled to see that I've really gained 20 pounds since meeting my husband.

He says it's a good thing; lots of it is muscle, in my legs, from a summer spent cycling (up to 25 miles at a time). It makes me look more "womanly," and then he said some other things that shouldn't be repeated.

It doesn't help that his sister recently lost probably 45 pounds and now has the "perfect" supermodel (read: tall and stick-thin) figure.

The New Year is a-comin', and with it its pledges and resolutions toward self-improvement.

This year's question ends up being: To join a gym, or not? Chico's weather is great a few months of the year; unbearably hot for maybe a month in the summer, and unpredictable and rainy during the winter. Theoretically, it would be good for me, but I fear that it would end up being a money-sink.

Thoughts, experiences?

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  1. Gyms are a good idea in principle. However I've found that people go really well in the beginning and then stop after awhile. Usually long before reaching their goal and they still pay the fees. You have to be super motivated and maybe get a buddy to do it with you.