Friday, September 2, 2011

Books 35 and 36

Still doing well with my reading, despite all the sewing I've been getting done - hooray!

Book 35: Her Last Death, by Susanna Sonnenberg

Books like this make me marvel - at the resilience of children, the addled minds of addicts, and just the things people can overcome. In this memoir, Sonnenberg tells of her chaotic childhood, growing up with a very drug addicted mother, who started introducing very sexual topics into conversation before Susanna hit double-digit-ages and who gave her daughter coke for the first time at 12. The retelling is centered around the author's attempt to deal with making a big decision - whether or not to go to her dying mother's bedside.

I had trouble putting this one down - definitely recommend it.

Book 36: In Fifty Years, We'll All Be Chicks...And Other Complaints form an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy, by Adam Carolla

I love me some Carolla. My husband got me into listening to his radio show before he was taken off the air, we've watched his movie, The Hammer (do NOT let its R-rating deter you!), and I have, um, 40+ DAYS worth of old Loveline episodes on my computer. The book is basically a compilation of all his great rants over the years, from "Do yourself a favor..." hints (including "spray paint your wallet red so you can find it if you drop it between the seat of your car and the transmission hump") to comments on how we as a society have given minimum wage-level employees all kinds of power over us in way too many situations, there were chapters of the book that left me thinking "Man, I wish he'd run for office, I'd definitely vote for him!"

Another highly recommended book, assuming you have enjoyed other things he's worked on - not sure it's a great intro to Carolla, though. I laughed out loud, and this book is definitely a keeper! Can't wait to see him perform in Sacramento on December 9!!!

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  1. Her Last Death was a great book. I can remember carrying it around outside with me last summer when I was "watching" my kids play.