Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lazy sewing

Linking up for Fabric Tuesday! 

I did some lazy sewing today - another jelly roll race-style quilt, though this one started with 2" strips, so now they're all 1 1/2 inches wide. I think I may finish this one for my 10 year-old niece. I love this style of quilt because I can just grab things from my stash and have a relatively quick finish.

Nothing is particularly special about any of the fabric - mostly I just like the way it goes together and feels so bright and happy, even though there's a lot of black in it. The purple swirlies that feature prominently in the second photo are the same that I used to make curtains and pillowcases for my office (which of course I have no photos of on my blog - bad Stephanie!)
Now I just have to wait for batting to go on sale at Joann's. :)

Also, I love this feature on my camera, called "Photobooth," where it takes four photos and combines them into one long photobooth-style strip all by itself.

How are your projects coming along?


  1. Love the colors! It so fu. To see how these quilts are all so different.

  2. It *is* on just have to buy it by the yard. Right now it's 40% off. I may or may not have a bit roll of it in my car still. *cough*

  3. Oh, dear! My favorite colors and so intriguing prints! Love it!

  4. Beautiful! I just love it - colours, patterns, and all! Wondering where you came up with the idea, was it something you designed yourself? It is simply fab.