Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm quite possibly the worst blogger on the planet - I think every post starts with an apology on how I don't blog very much!

I haven't been getting very much sewing done. Work has been stressful, and my computer at home has been acting up, so I don't get to relax when I get home because I've been trying to figure out how to fix it.

We have, however, been making some progress on the house - at least theoretically. We've gotten approved for a 0% credit card (for 21 months!) that we're going to use to buy the new shed, which will replace this:

Ugh. Don't even get me started! The whole thing leans, there are holes in it... it needs to go. We've also gotten some plastic bins to put my husband's bone collection in (another "don't get me started!" topic!!) and have figured out how we're going to dispose of the garage, too - apparently Waste Management makes things called "Bagsters," which are like disposable, portable dumpsters. You buy one at Lowe's, then fill it at your leisure and call WM to get it when you're done. I think this will be WAY better than getting a real dumpster again, because we won't have as much and because we don't have an actual time table for taking down the garage.

In other news, after all this talk of spending money, here's some about savings: This past week, I managed to spend only 18 CENTS for two POUNDS of angel hair pasta! Safeway's having a sale where you buy eight specially-marked items and get an additional 50 cents off per item - plus I had their special "just for u" pricing on the pasta - AND I found a $1 off two packages coupon in the aisle - bringing the price down to nine cents a package! Hooray! :)


  1. Don't have to apologize!!! I won't and I dont write posts more often than you. As long as you keep coming back and it seems you have been busy. Now my question: your husband has a bone collection and you wanna build a new shed. Is there anything you are trying to cover up? ;-)
    Don't you love getting a good deal? I love coupons. Germany is just starting to use them.

  2. ooohhhhh you should get on that extreme couponing show!! Well done you :)

  3. When you get a deal like that, don't you want to tell everyone you meet? Good job, and have fun with the shed!