Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To - Dos

My to-do list never seems to turn into a to-done list quite like I plan. Is yours the same way? I have some definite goals for this evening, though, like getting the stuff for my side job done, and talking to hubs about moving forward with tearing down our garage.

Much more interestingly, though, would you like the chance to win this:

Don't lie - you know you would! Head over to 1 Choice 4 Quiltings' blog to find out how - and to read through other quilters' tips for beginners! :)


  1. Mine doesn't either, I'm afraid! I'm always getting sidetracked by something. Glad to hear it isn't just me!

  2. I just found your blog and I think that it is so interesting! I try to sew in my spare time! I would love to follow each other! Only if you like my blog, of course ;)


  3. Oh you and your to-do lists. I wonder where that all came from? Humm...