Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May recap

So these were my May Goals and to-dos:

Reading: - Accomplished! I read all five! It was really helpful, for wahtever reason, to pick books and say "This is what I'm going to read this month!
   -Finish 5 books:
     -Deer Hunting with Jesus
     -Another of the Martin books
     -Grave Secrets, by Kathy Reichs
     -Adam's Navel, by Michael Sims
     -The Red Leather Diary, by Lily Koppel

Work outs: - I started out the month well, but things went downhill after that. I'm SO strongly affected by the weather, which has been absolutely crazy this month. Hopefully it will clear up and turn into a real summer so I can get back to bike riding.
-Ride my bike 150 miles total
     -Progress: 64.9/150
          -Date:  4/26   Miles: 6.9
          -Date:  5/2     Miles: 16.4
          -Date:  5/6     Miles: 8.0
          -Date:  5/8     Miles: 8.6
          -Date:  5/10   Miles: 17
          -Date:  5/18   Miles: 8
-Keep up with calisthenics (every odd numbered day)
     -1 -   PU 45 SQ 100 SU 45 AC 107 B 55   L 35
     -3 -   PU 48 SQ 75   SU 47 AC 120 B 80   L 35
     -5 -   PU 45 SQ 90   SU 60 AC 125 B 80   L 24
     -9 -   PU 62 SQ 105 SU 75 AC 150 B 100 L 38
     -11 - PU 35 SQ 105 SU 65 AC 150 B 120 L 27
     -15 - PU 55 SQ 79   SU 80 AC 150 B 175 L 19
     -21 - PU 37 SQ 60   SU 55 AC 110 B 130 L 16

Sewing: - I started quite a bit this month - the PJ shorts are one step away from being done (just need to do the elastic); I have pieces cut for two of the surprises, and have one set of pieces pinned together. The big quilt for Jeff and I is pinned together, waiting for me to develop the courage to actually start quilting it. I made several skirts for a friend's daughter. I did my first swap - though was admittedly disappointed because I didn't get an item back, like I was supposed to. :( The shower curtain isn't finished yet, either, but then again, neither is the bathroom it's supposed to go in!
-Cut pieces for one quilt, start pinning/piecing
-Put our big quilt together, pin
-Start quilting big quilt!?
-Mug rug swap - mail by May 14!
-Make pajama shorts for self
-Cut, work on PJ shorts for presents
 Make shower curtain for back bathroom; add buttonholes for hooks, hem to length

Working: - I did pretty well with this, considering Dan's PC was having trouble for a large portion of the month. Still haven't scheduled the day off, though... not sure why! LOL.
-Keep up with binders for Dan - no more than three day turn-around (provided his PC is working!)
-Schedule next day off (6/13)

Gardening: - The weather held this one up, too. Who wants to dig in the dirt when it's all mud from the intermittant rains we've still been having! I did make some progress, though, around the garage, and got Jeff to agree to help dig out some of the persistent, extra big plants, so that's good!
-Finish weeding side garden
-Weed back garden
-Start sunflowers, other plants to plant around garage?
-Weed around garage (fence side, yard side, driveway side)
-Dig out agave plants for Janet
     -Find out if Janet wants the cactus, too; dig that out, if she does want it
-Trim grapefruit tree, fig tree off fence

Home Improving: - This took longer than expected, also, but because of issues with the estimates we received for the bathroom. The project, however, starts (hopefully) tomorrow and should be finished by mid-month! I cannot WAIT to do laundry at our house!! :)
-Save up money. And then save up some more.
-Plan, work on bathroom remodel
     -Choose colors, buy paint
     -Get fabric for, make shower curtain
     -Finish drywalling skylight shaft
     -Repair/mud walls
     -Get quote for moving switch, moving outlet, repairing existing outlet, moving drain, checking for hot water; get work done when feasible
          -Get a second quote, from less-unreasonable contractor
     -Purchase, Install light fixture
     -Purchase primer, prime walls
     -Purchase paint, paint walls 
-Find, frame, hang up diplomas

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