Thursday, June 2, 2011

Safeway Savings, May 2011

My Safeway savings didn't feel nearly as impressive in May as in April, but we actually did better this month than last month! The store's "Just for U" offerings changed, taking away some really good prices on OJ, ground beef, and frozen pizza - staples of our diet, for better or worse. My grocery bills in June also included some non-grocery items, like charcoal (though that was on sale) and a bottle of tequila.

Overall, we spent $236.86 on groceries and saved $151.75, or 39.05%. In April, we only saved 33.82%. We spent less in April, too, but the different is explained by the aforementioned alcohol and briquettes.

My tactic for this month is a little more devious - Jeff has a Safeway card, too, so I've signed HIM up for the Just for U program - genius! His prices on certain things are better (like my Yoplait yogurts!), plus we'll get the free dozen eggs again. I read the terms-of-service and couldn't find anything explicitly forbidding this....

Wink wink.

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