Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alternative income sources

I want more money.

Well, I mean, everyone does...I'm just trying my darndest to acquire it. I have a second, veryvery part-time job doing data entry. I do the Crowd Tap thing, which gets me free stuff and (slowly) Amazon gift cards. I've been using Fat Wallet for purchasing stuff for work, and for any website my Mastercard and Discover cards don't already offer cash back for. I'm getting back into Swagbucks.

I'm considering selling an organ.

Just kidding.

Anyway, it never feels like enough, yanno? Every month has had its big expense. April was car insurance, and that comes around again in October. June was the bathroom repair. July will be the rest of the bathroom repair and the one student loan payment I have to make for Jeff before it goes deferred again. August will be our vacation and Jeff's textbooks.

It never ends.

Anyone need any data entry work done? Do you have any "side job" type things? What do you do?


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