Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stephanie's Crowdtap / Old Navy Shorts Sample Share

If I haven't bragged about it before now, Crowdtap is a pretty awesome website - you sign up, answer questions, and get free Amazon giftcards or even free stuff! (If you wanna sign up based just on that, here's a link!)

The most recent sample share I joined was for Old Navy shorts. I expected to get coupons for free shorts, like the ones I'd gotten in the past for jeans. Wrong! The coupon was for not only free shorts, but also a free shirt AND accessory! Wow! I was super excited to participate in this one, since the coupon didn't limit me to a certain style of shorts like previous shares.
What are those ruffles??

Old Navy's summer collection left a LOT to be desired, unfortunately. There were a lot of shirts like this with weird ruffles that looked like the manufacturer was trying to use up leftover scraps. Some had this ruffly stuff down the front, as if to accentuate your boobs (??) or around the sleeves, where all it would've done is make flabby arms look bigger. :( 

We went up and down the aisles several times looking for shirts that weren't atrocious! There were cardigans - for summer? Here!? It was 100 degrees the day we went shopping! - in the UGLIEST colors - like silver or gold, with metallic thread--they felt like Barbie clothes. Bleck.

For our shirts, we both chose basic tank tops - mine a cami with built-in bra, hers a plain white one like this.Old Navy tanks are always in style, and definitely a staple in my wardrobe, so I was glad to get a color I didn't have!

Shorts were tough, too. Lots of fall colors. We're supposed to be wearing bright colors and light fabrics, not orange plaid disasters. So many were also really short, or had unflattering butt pockets - which might be fine for smaller sizes, but not necessarily for us. 

We were happy to find a few styles of Bermudas. Tamera can wear shorts this length to work, so she snagged this brown pair, while I got denim ones. Unfortunately, my Old Navy was out of stock on the lighter color. Boo! I have them on right now - they're a good weight for cooler days, but not so much for the reeeally hot ones. The stretchy material makes them thicker than you'd want on a 100+ degree day..

Last we accessorized. I was hoping to get a good belt, but the coupons also said we couldn't get anything that was on clearance - drat! The thicker belts were all marked down; I guess those were all for spring. I ended up getting a cute hat, similar to this one. I wore the hat today while working in my garden - it was nice to have the sun off my neck while I worked!

Tamera, though? Totally scored! She found this great pair of sneakers - in her size, one of the last pairs left! They were much cuter in person, don't worry. She said they weren't something she'd normally have gotten for herself, but since they were free, she decided to try them!

The best part of the trip was DEFINITELY check out! We handed over our items - mine came to about $35, Tamera's to over $65!!! - and didn't have to plunk down our credit cards! Free stuff is always the best! I haven't heard back from the other two friends that I gave coupons to, but I'm sure they'll be just as thrilled as Tamera and I were to get such great stuff! Thanks, Old Navy and Crowd Tap!


I gave one of the coupons to a friend of mine and she had this to say, after her shopping trip and reading my report:

I totally agree about the frills and ruffles - what's with the 80s being back? Guess everything old is new again. I did pick up this shirt, though, which is made of a super soft fabric - definitely good over a tank or a bikini by the pool! The colors were really fun and cheery, which was nice to see when some of the other clothes were dreary. 

I got some flip flops with a cute pattern and Bermuda shorts like you guys did, because the length seemed better :) Thanks so much for sharing!!! I'll definitely look at joining up with Crowdtap!

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