Thursday, June 30, 2011

June recap

Recap of June's to-dos

Reading: - didn't read all the books on the list, but read some that weren't.
-Finish 7 books - mostly things that are wished for on Paperback Swap:
     -Book 3 of George R.R. Martin series
     -Book 4 of George R.R. Martin series
     -All the Names, by Jose Saramago (recommended by Allison)
     -Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress, by Debra Ginsberg
     -School of Dreams: Making the Grade at a Top American High School, by Edward Humes
     -A Country of Strangers: Blacks and Whites in America, by David K. Shipler
     -The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes: And Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and Their Patients (I'm finally going to finish it, honest!)
     -Gracefully Insane: Life and Death Inside America's Premier Mental Hospital, by Alex Beam

Work outs: Fail.
-Ride my bike 100 miles total
     -Progress: 12.7/100
          -6/13 12.7 miles, 1:07

Sewing: Okay, so I didn't finish anything that I started, really, but I got another project started, which has a deadline of sooner than the rest...and bought a new sewing machine! :D
-Sew together all hexes for K - Sandwich made - started HAND QUILTING!?
-Pin half-square triangles for A- Finish pressing them. Pin into rows (about 2/5 of the way sewn!).
-Find more fabric for boys: bought apple for back of T, bought striped flannel for ??
-Finish PJ shorts
-Finish shower curtain - bathroom still isn't finished, so I can't measure how long it's supposed to be because the curtain rod cannot be hung yet.
-Start gift quilt number FIVE. OMG. (fabrics picked - design picked - fabric cut (started 6/28) - strip made - strip sewn into top)

Working: I've actually done MUCH better with keeping up with Dan's work. Hopefully he'll pay me soon.
-Keep up with binders for Dan - no more than three day turn-around: Why am I such a failure at this? Oh yeah, because I barely get enough pay to justify bringing his crap home. - doing better! note to self: continue doing this on Tuesdays, when I know he won't be at his computer in the evening.
-Schedule next day off (6/13)

Gardening: We got some done. The side garden's mostly done, I've been keeping up with weeding the parts that people can see, and Jeff's been starting his portion of the yard work.
-Finish weeding side garden - sort of accomplished - enough that I'm going to cross it off. Because that makes me feel better.
-Weed garden along front parking area
-Weed back garden - attempt not to make fence fall over in the process
-Get Jeff to finish using the string trimmer in the side yard, back yard
-Get Jeff to dig out front mimosa tree, side mimosa tree, weird thing between garage and fence, thing next to garage, weird thing along back fence. - In progress, now that proper tool has been acquired! - need to borrow chain saw.
-Give agave and cactus plants away on Freecycle - he's come and dug out three of the six agaves so far, hooray. Supposedly will be back.

Home Improving: This didn't go as well as expected because Mark didn't get to start as soon as I'd hoped, but we did the important part - getting the washer and dryer installed!!!
-Save up money. And then save up some more.
-Bathroom remodel: - Mark to start work 6/6!? - Most importantly, the washer and dryer have been installed - YES. The rest of the work will have to wait until after Mark comes back from his vacation - so these will all get bumped to July.
     -Have Mark complete work (installing/fixing outlets, install light switch, install drain/hot water line for washer, dryer vent!) - Mark left on vacation, so...soon.
     -Purchase outside light, have Mark install outside light
     -Repair area of wall that was opened to do Mark's work with scrap drywall
     -Repair window area in wall
     -Purchase globes for light fixture, install light fixture
     -Get rid of shitty looking texture in room
     -Prime, paint walls
     -Buy baseboard, paint, cut, install
     -Come up with some sort of solution for area under the sink
-Find, frame, hang up diplomas


  1. Reading that made me tired.

  2. I needed to comment again to tell you that my verification word for the first comment was "pooloop." Given your fondness for my work stories, I thought you might find it as funny as I did. What do you think a pooloop is?