Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why sewing is awesome

On Friday, my friend Tamera spotted a free chair outside her window at work. We snagged it, hauled it to my truck, and belted it in.

Hello, Mr. Free Chair, welcome to your (hopefully temporary) home on my patio!

Cute chair, right? Even cuter cuz he was free!

One problem - what an ugly cushion! Lucky for me (and Mr. Free Chair), Joann's was having a big sale this weekend - not that this would have stopped Dianna and I from going there, but still. Fabric acquired, and using this pillowcase making tutorial, now Mr. Free Chair looks like this!:

Well helloooo, Mr. Free Chair!

Okay, maybe it's not that impressive. The picture also doesn't show the colors very well - there are yellow stripes in the main fabric, which matches the yellow border. Bonus to this project, I got to start AND finish something in one afternoon, AND the gray and yellow border fabrics came from my stash! It was the first time I'd successfully gotten a fabric (the stripes), brought it home, needed more, and been able to use something I'd stashed - the gray was a remnant at Joann's, the yellow from a fat quarter lot I'd won on eBay!

Of course, this completely justifies my remnant-buying habit... Oops. :)

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