Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another giveaway!

Check out Mauby's blog post here for the chance to win an adorable pattern for slippers, or some super cute fabric like this from Above All Fabric!

This is great timing, since I got SO much good work done on my big project while Dianna from Life's Little Lists was over to work on her quilt - her place doesn't have quite enough room for really spreading out a queen sized quilt, so she came over to borrow my living room floor and dining room table.

While she was here, our little visitor came back! Last night, an ADORABLE little kitty came to visit Molly and I at our front door. She's obviously someone's pet - she purred and meowed at the door and eagerly ate kitty crunchies when we put them out, then was verrrrry happy to be picked up today when she came back - thankfully she came back while D was here so she could meet her, too! After quite a bit of debate, we decided that since it is likely she was someone's cat, we took her over to Butte Humane Society so that (hopefully!) her owners can find her, or at the very least, she can get adopted by another loving family! I'm going to check back in the next few days to see if she's on their website, and if she is, I'll be sure to post the little girl! :)

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