Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog hop: Fun Fridays

First time doing this blog hop, which I found from Dianna at Sweet D's Creations.

My weekend started today - normally I'm a 9-to-5 (okay, okay, 8-to-4:30), Monday-through-Friday gal, but I had today off! I spent it playing video games, going to Joann's for MORE fabric (always, always more) for some projects I have in mind, doing some sewing (including starting the mystery projects!), and working in the yard. After hubby gets home from work, I'll get to go pick up a friend from work, then probably have couch time with hubby and the cats while we finish up the current season of CSI - meaning we'll have watched EVERY EPISODE of the original in less than two months! Yipes!

More importantly, though, this weekend is my birthday! Hooray! I've been celebrating all week though, I'll admit! Saturday's the big day, number 26. I'll be spending it with my good friend Tamera and her daughter, with a trip to Starbucks for fuel-I-mean-beverages and then on to Lowe's, where the kiddo will get to make a birdhouse or some such light-carpentry project. Then I imagine will be lunch or probably home, where I'll eagerly await the husband's return - he's got a "business trip," I guess you could call it, which you can read about here.

Sunday's Easter, of course. This is the second year that I've shared my birthday weekend with holiday; once, when I was in high school, it was actually on my birthday itself. We'll head down to see hubby's family and a friend of ours, probably eat too much, most certainly sleep in the car (okay, just me, since he drives!), and get a bunch of reading done (just me again).

Have a good weekend, yourselves, readers!