Monday, April 25, 2011

May Goals / To-Dos

May 2011 Goals and To-Dos

-Finish 5 books:
     -Deer Hunting with Jesus
     -Another of the Martin books
     -three other ones

-Ride my bike 150 miles total
          -Date:     Miles:

-Cut pieces for one quilt
-Put our big quilt together, pin

-Keep up with binders for Dan - no more than three day turn-around (provided his PC is working!)
-Schedule next day off (6/13)

-Finish weeding side garden
-Weed back garden
-Start sunflowers, other plants to plant around garage
-Weed around garage (fence side, yard side)
-Dig out agave plants for Janet
     -Find out if Janet wants the cactus, too; dig that out, if she does want it
-Trim grapefruit tree, fig tree off fence

Home Improving:
-Save up money. And then save up some more.

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