Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Giving myself boundaries

Last night I was determined to get some work done on my big quilt. I started getting ready to play Fallout 3 (what can I say, I'm a lady with eclectic hobbies) but said "no no, I'm going to finish the quilt top before I play!" I started up the game, though, which prevented me from getting distracted by Facebook (and Farmville, really).

I almost got it done! I stopped working when Jeff got home from work, but went from a stack of strips that were 2 rows wide to three strips, two of which are 8 rows wide, the third of which is 4 rows wide. I can't wait to have them all sewn together. So far, I've only put the same pattern together twice - and figure that it might just become my "trademark" to have something little wrong on every piece I work on! It's just 4" squares sewn together in a brick pattern (so the seams don't have to be all together, allowing for error)  - but it would've meant quite a bit of seam ripping to get it out and change it to something else.

Would you have torn it out and fixed it, or are you okay with little mistakes? I think I'll say that it's what gives my work character. ;)

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