Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book shopping

So, I rarely buy new books for myself. When I do, I make sure to shop online at Barnes and Noble - and always to spend more than $25 to get their free shipping. I also make sure to go to the website through one of my credit card account pages, so that I can get the bonus cash back.

Today, I bought the next George R.R. Martin book:

Regular price: $35
Pre-order price: $18.81

I also got Stalking Irish Madness, which looks interesting:

Regular price: $24
Clearance price: $4.48

And I picked up the newest A.J. Jacobs book. The first two were great, I'm hoping this one's good, too:

Regular price: $25
Clearance price: $5.38

Total: $29.96, including tax
Free shipping! 

Plus 10% back on my credit card means only $26.97 for all three HARDCOVER books, which would have cost $90.93! - a savings of almost $64!

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