Friday, March 11, 2011


I promise I didn't forget about y'all. Just been busy. Our kitchen floor is ALMOST done being tiled - I had to go buy more tile last night, but still ended up being short two of each color, so I have to send Jeff over to the tile place this morning to get the last few so that, hopefully, we can get it done by this evening, except for the sealing part. Hooray! What a relief that will be, to have that done.

This weekend's to-do's:

-Get Jeff to move stove and fridge back into place
-Epic cleaning of stove, so that it doesn't look quite so much like a biohazard
-Finish second cat mat
-Read, dammit. I've been so lazy about this! - See post!
-Finish data entry for Dan
-Get copies of front-door key made
-Sweep living room and dining room
-Vacuum couches thoroughly

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