Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reasons my job is dysfunctional, #23

Today's reason my work environment is dysfuncitonal?

Today, during a discussion about the food vacuum sealer thing my boss just bought herself (to replace the last one, which replaced the first one), I mentioned that Jeff and I were considering getting a meat grinder to cut down on the cost of buying ground beef - "cheap beef" is cheaper per pound than good ground beef, at least at Safeway.

After commenting (not for the first time) that we really should be buying our meat in bulk at Costco, she said "Jeff's already overweight."

Um, excuse me?

Apparently her rationale behind making this comment about my husband's weight is that "cheap meat," in her mind, contains more fat that her "good" ground beef from Costco. Despite my protests that the last doctor Jeff saw was actually surprised at Jeff's good health despite his weight, my boss insisted that things could change "overnight," "especially after he hits 50."

Because I definitely should take husband-health advice from a woman who's husband is at LEAST as overweight as mine is?


  1. While things can change when a person is 50. Last time I checked that was quite a while from now. And maybe Jeff could lose a few pounds (who couldn't?), but why is it any of her business.
    I think a meat grinder is a fabulous idea! Saves money and you can know what kind of cut is going into your meat. I don't care how "good" the ground meat is you still don't know what is in it.
    You can also, get lean cuts of meat cheap. or cut off the fat for that matter yourself if you are worried about the fat content of you meat.
    Additionally, eating meat is a better way to lose weight than eating processed foods.

    I'll get off my soap box now. I just can't stand people like that.

  2. Those were pretty much precisely my thoughts - the "cheap meat" we get is actually pretty lean, because it's not crappy meat at all, but just whatever Safeway had leftover and has marked down 50% - try getting good ground beef marked down like that! It isn't common, LOL!

    I totally appreciate your comments, soapbox or not! ;) See ya tonight!