Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy house

One of my favorite parts of having a house is randomly being able to tackle a project. Since hubby and I finished my office a few months ago, there were some lingering projects that needed completing - like the closet. It was still the same atrocious sky blue that it was when we moved in, even though the rest of the room had been painted. I took it upon myself today to pull out the old "organizer" (by that, I mean two sets of wood nailed to the wall with wooden dowels for clothes rods), use joint compound to fill in the holes, and then paint the doors the same gray as the rest of the room.

While I was out getting the joint compound for the walls, I also picked up six 24" wide by 12" deep pieces of white melamine for shelves, as well as white metal brackets to put them up with. I'm still debating whether or not I should paint them the same purple as the trim in the room.

After the closet's painted and the shelves are hung, I'm hoping I can convince Jeff to finish the ONE last piece of laminate flooring that needs to go in there and to put in baseboard around the bottom. I wouldn't ordinarily bother with baseboard in a closet, but the laminate kind of makes it a necessity (there's always a gap around the edges) plus we already have the baseboard painted in the same purple as the rest of the room.

I also learned how to decoupage this weekend. I couldn't find any outlet covers or switch plates that I liked for our bathroom, so I took it upon myself to design my own! After Jeff and I picked out colors for the room at Lowe's (a warm beige called "Basket," a medium blue, and a navy blue), I used some batik fabric from Joann's to cover the switch plates and outlet covers! I look forward to adding more little handmade touches throughout the house - like the quilt that I'm STILL not done putting the strips together for! Oops!

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