Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By-the-end-of-March to-do list

-Finish two binders I currently have for Dan (Nor Cal, Chiro)

-Finish making all quilt squares into long quilt stripes

-Finish Comfortably Numb, start George Martin book

-Clean up weeds I've already pulled out of garden.

-Pull the remaining weeds.
     -The rain has not made this very do-able. :( 

-Get garden set up - the long ties are in the garage, all ready to go, just have to get them laid out!

-Buy plants for garden - peppers, a tomato plant, herbs (?), raspberry bush and plant them. It kind of has to stop raining for more than 5 minutes for this to happen. Possibly buy grass seed.
    -This may wait until April - Discover's doing 5% cash back at home improvement stores, April through June, so it would be more effective to wait until then! Keep an eye out for coupons, though, in either case!

-Go shopping at Old Navy when gift card arrives (yay!)

-Plan birthday party? And by this I mean set up the "event" on Facebook.

That seems like enough, especially since there's only one weekend left!

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