Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March To-Do list

March 2011 To Do List

(Maybe I'll make these a monthly thing, just to keep myself on track. Inspired by a good friend who seems to do well with lists) :)

-Design/sew/stuff/finish cat boxes for front windows - think window boxes like for plants, but for Molly and Wrench. They LOVE sitting in the living and dining room windows, but they can't steal the fleece blankets all the time! I have fabric that matches our living room (even some cute piping to go around the edges!) and the plastic canvas I'm going to use to make them a little more sturdy than just fabric would.
     Utter disaster. Let's pretend it didn't happen.

-Finish Pride & Predjudice & Zombies, the IRS tax collector memoir I've started, and at least two other books - I think I've fallen behind a little on my goal to read 52 books this year (one a week), but I'm confident that I'll catch up in summertime, when I can sit on the patio and read all weekend instead of staying inside freezing!

-Get kitchen tile installed, then finish the kitchen - purchase/paint/install door trim, purchase/paint/install chair rail, purchase/paint/install baseboard.

-TAKE A DAY OFF! Friday, March 18th - already submitted for it. :)

-Keep working on couponing - "save" $150 at Safeway over the course of the month. This will coincide nicely with my Discover card's 5% cash back at grocery stores even this month, too!

-Piece together the bedroom quilt - I've got all the squares cut, and even have the backing for it now - now I just have to put all the squares together, and go from there! I think I'm going to make the pattern pretty random - literally just drawing the pieces out from a bag as I go along.

-Continue attempting not to buy remnants at Joann's - epic fail on this part so far, though, as I bought FOUR MORE pieces last night - though to be fair, two pieces are for the cat beds!

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  1. I like to to-do list idea. Maybe I should do something like that :)