Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Target Tuesday

Here's a link up I can get behind! I love me some Target, so here we are... Fabulous but Evil's Target Tuesday.

For my first one, I'll admit - I'm going to be pretty boring. I've been reworking the closet in my office/sewing room so that it can better hide-I-mean-store all my fabric and other quilting supplies... so this week... storage stuff. Lame, huh?

These cases would work pretty well: 

And the price doesn't seem *too* bad for a set of six.

Something simpler, though, might also work just fine:

And they're a much lower price, for more bins!

So that I don't seem like a total drag, this is the shower curtain I want for our second bathroom / the laundry

Super cute, right!? I love dinosaurs, and we alread have a set of towels that are a similar shade to Mr. T-Rex there... ;)

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  1. Aww cute dinosaur shower curtain! Thanks for linking up! :)