Saturday, February 12, 2011

"I Miss You Time" Saturday

When Jeff and I spend time apart on the weekend, we call it "I miss you!" time. Today he's off at a friend's house out in the country shooting guns; I went shopping. :)

I stopped at Joann's, where I got some adorable remnants. Admittedly, not as childishly adorable as the ladybugs I got last time, but still fun - and, most importantly, I got four pieces totalling over 2 and a half yards, along with some little Velcro pieces for projects around the house, for about $11.

After that, I headed to the post office to send some books for swaps, then headed downtown. After hitting the ATM, I wandered through the farmer's market. Apparently, oranges, apples, strawberries, kiwis, and leafy things are the only things in season; we didn't need any of these, so I left without acquiring any produce. I did notice, however, a thrift store I hadn't been to, so I stopped there.

The Shalom Free Clinic Thrift Shop, I assume, operates to help fund the Shalom Free Clinic, which provides a variety of free medical services to people here in Chico, including your basics ("Ugh, I have the flu") to more intense services like behavioral health counseling, nutrition counseling, and general PSA-type health education services. Good place to support, methinks. Anyway, I stopped at their thrift store, and was pleasantly surprised. Although incredibly crowded, there was a bunch of good stuff to be found - I found some role-playing books for Jeff for Valentine's Day (thus breaking my decision that we were not doing V-Day at all), as well as what looks to be a complete roll of twin-sized fusible quilt interfacing, which was only a dollar!! Yay!

I also got a sweet Parcheesi set, circa 1959 - despite it's age, it's only missing one mover (a red one), which is pretty good, I think!

I decided to continue the thrift store shoppin' at Thrifty Bargains, which has 30% off days on Saturdays. I didn't find any pants for Jeff, nor any of the shirts that you get when you donate blood that he doesn't already have (all of which were acquired at said thrift store, rather than through blood donation). Anyway, I did get a copy of The Karate Kid NES game, also for Jeff as a present... so hopefully he doesn't read this, LOL.

Less than $20 and I got a bunch of cool stuff! Hooray, bargain hunting! :)  Have you snagged any good deals lately?

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