Monday, February 7, 2011

It started well, at least.

Today started off really well. I woke up on time, and even early enough to cuddle with Molly, my little purrrrr machine, before getting out of bed. In the mail on Saturday, I'd gotten a postcard for a free drink at Starbucks, so I started my morning off with my usual grande, non-fat, no whip hot chocolate, but it was better than usual since it was free. I had set Jeff up with enough quarters and cash to get laundry done - probably... 6, 7 loads worth? Who knows. I'm sure he'll tell me all about it.

Work didn't even start off too badly, either! Yes, there was paperwork, and interruptions, but there always are, especially on Mondays.

But then... the radio lost reception.

Now, I have a coworker who cannot "listen to herself breathe," as she puts it, and MUST have music on at all times. She's the same coworker who put on Lady Gaga a week or so ago, as if that were appropriate music for an accounting office. Anyway, today she put in Shania Twain.

The same Shania Twain CD we'd been listening to last Thursday and Friday. I think I've heard it 10 times in the last month.

She (both Shania and the coworker) sometimes make me want to hang myself.

Even more amusing is an offhand comment Coworker made about a car we have for sale. "No, we didn't sell the Honda Pilot," I told her. I looked up the price. Um, if you can barely afford your $150/month car payment on your Elantra, there's no WAY you can afford a $350+/month payment on the Pilot. Especially since your credit's shot from not paying your Dish Network bill. And since your insurance is already going to go up because you hit someone with your car.

But whatever - it will be just like every other time she's said she's interested in a car, but does nothing. Not that I can talk, because I've talked about buying a newer car on an on again, off again basis for probably the whole time I've worked here, but at least I don't: a, need a new car; b, complain about said car constantly; c, always complain about how I have no money; and d, knowingly want vehicles I cannot afford.

Do you have coworkers like this? Please tell me I'm not the only one. LOL!

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  1. I have a great dislike for my co-workers. The one that is the worst worker is the one who complains the least (figure that one out), the one who is "my friend" reports everything that is said to the boss and complains to the others that you cannot be a co-worker and a friend outside of work. Then the third one is moody. She is nice for the most part and will bitch about the other two with me as long as we are on the same page. She also complains a whole lot. Then there is my boss, whom I think is loosing his mind. Literally. He is driving me insane.