Saturday, February 19, 2011


Another to-do list item was to finish reading Jane Hamilton's The Short History of a Prince. My pal Tamera said that Hamilton's other books were good, and that I'd really enjoy this one.

I feel bad (which I know I probably shouldn't), but I just couldn't stay interested in the book. It was very character driven, rather than plot; the protagonist is a man looking back on his childhood, switching back and forth between episodes about his time studying ballet and the illness of his elder brother. The "present day" sections were dull, mostly him telling stories instead of just having flashbacks.

I've read other books like this that have turned out okay, but those authors were able to pull it off by having narrators with pithy commentary, or humorous interactions, or something. This was just...blah.


The next book I'm reading is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which a co-worker of mine is reading. I noticed that he was reading it, and commented that I had it, and he's asked me some questions about it (he hasn't read P&P in its original - and if you haven't, you ought to!!), so I feel like I should probably read it to actively participate in future discussions!

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