Saturday, February 19, 2011


So according to my to-do list, I had vowed not to buy any more fabric.


This weekend, Joann's is having a big President's day sale, where Simplicity patterns are 5 for $5. My friend Dianna had a bunch of patterns listed on her blog that she was looking for, so I messaged her, and off we went to Joann's!

This trip will mark my first attempts at trying to make things with patterns. I picked up a few different patterns for bags, 2357 and 3822. I got one of "accessories," which has purses, satchel-style bags, and a clutch.

The fourth and fifth patterns I'm more excited by. 2822 contains patterns to make organizers and bag-type doodads for wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers. The envelope the pattern comes in makes them look so drab! Blacks, navy blues, maybe some tan for trim - how boring!! Jenn over at South of Sheridan's inspired me to make things that are way more girly - I'm thinking cute floral prints, bright happy pinks and purples, and so forth!

The fifth pattern, 4127, is cute tops for summer - maybe by the time the warm weather's here to stay, I'll have gotten up the nerve to WEAR something I made!

And, of course, since I was at Joann's, I had to look at the remnants. It simply cannot be helped. I was good this time, though - I bought two pieces, one full yard, one mostly a yard, of basic white fabrics that can be used for anything and thus are must-haves...right??

The best part of the trip? The receipt!

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