Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coworkers are annoying...

And even moreso when you have to go through them to make major purchases.

I got my oil change on Monday and was told that I need two new tires. Okay, well, awesome, I just got those. I look at the multipoint inspection sheet from the mechanic. Um, this says I need four tires. Whatever, I'm sure he just misread it, he'll order the right things.

Nope. Ordered two tires. Why'd he think I needed only two tires? Because he saw the 8s and 5s that the tech wrote for the BRAKE lining instead of the 2s that he wrote for the TIRE TREAD.

This, combined with him not being interested in calling me back - he hasnt' called me about my car at ALL this time around - do not make me happy. Hopefully they can actually FIX my car this time, too - last time they aligned it (April, 2008) they made it worse, and were unable to fix it. I was eventually told that "that's just how [my] car is." Poor Fofo.

In related news, Hyundai's coming out with soemthing called the Veloster this summer that looks adorable! Might be time to replace Mako! LOL

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