Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Final Christmas Project

Mid-January and I'm finally posting my last Christmas project - a baby-sized (Okay, maybe toddler sized? I dunno, smaller than all the others) quilt for a friend's littlest girl.

It was supposed to be chevrons, but, uh, it didn't come out quite right...so there are a couple rows of chevrons, and the rest diamonds. I'm still learning! The fabrics are a mix of quilting cottons and flannels.

Tiny sheep! Bitty dinosaurs! Gah! Quilted in a wavy pattern, up and down the diagonal seams.

Backed with pale yellow flannel and this other cute flannel remnant from Joann's. Bound with white.

And that's it! My final Christmas project, all blogged! I can't speak for the recipient, as she's less than six months old and can't even speak for herself, but baby's momma was very happy to receive the quilt! :)

Now...if only I were done sewing Christmas present. (Hint? I'm not. Definitely not).


  1. That is a great quilt, Steph! :o) Great job!

  2. This is really pretty. I think the combo of chevrons and diamonds works really well:)

  3. It's very cute Steph - I also like the combo of chevrons and diamonds, makes it more textured