Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fabric squeeeee, and @IntrepidThread love

When I first started sewing all of my fabric came from Joann, and really, most of my fabric still does - as a quilter, I'm a-okay with buying the smaller pieces of fabric that they sell as remnants, which generally come at a great price. I also dig their clearance section, especially on the "extra 50% off days." I didn't - and really, still don't - understand the people who hate on Joann and who insist upon only buying designer fabric.

I started buying charm packs a little while ago - they're a reasonably priced way to get a teensy bit of those fancy fabrics. I have Little Apples, Sherbert Pips, Circa 1934, Hometown, Reunion, Pezzy Print, and Half Moon Modern, and I've got a bunch of Moda solids to go with them.

But only recently did I start getting yardage.

My lovely aunt gave me Outfoxed for Christmas:

 That's fat quarter bundles of all three color ways, and a cut of one of the hedgehog prints (squee!). They're so lovely, wrapped up in plastic from fatquartershop.com... I haven't even opened them yet!

Then I got a bunch of "free" money back from FatWallet.com, and I decided what the hey, why not get some more pretties for myself...

So off to Intrepid Thread's etsy shop I went, and got these...

1001 Peeps half-yard bundle (1001 Peeps and Towers in Turquoise and Illuminate in Basra Blue)

 Some Outfoxed yardage - Hedgehogs in Purple and Foliage in Pink

 Then I built a custom half yard bundle, and got:
 Half Moon Modern - Leaves in Steel
Little Apples - Round Round in Pencil Gray (OMG the selvedge has little turtles on it, I definitely made some silly sounds when I saw that!!!)

When I opened the package, I was thrilled - it was wrapped up tidily in tissue paper with a cute ribbon around it, with a hand-written note, and these SUPER cute little charms as a bonus! PANDAS! I love them! I'm thinking maybe a pin cushion or something out of these? No idea, but definitely need to make them into something special.

Anyway, that's what I've been getting in the mail lately, and there's a review of Intrepid Thread for you. Julie blogs over here, and regularly hosts awesome giveaways, and just has all kinds of awesome pictures of pretty fabrics - what more do you want? ;)

((Just to be clear, I wasn't compensated in any way for this post - I just wanted to leave a great review for an awesome business who gave me super service - a refund after she combined shipping, packaging that kept my fabric dry, a hand-written thank-you and great communication - who doesn't love that!?))


  1. I just posted about this etsy shop too.....She does have great service and I plan on using her site again with my next purchase.

  2. Julie is FABULOUS - i'm a diehard Joann's girl as well, lately more so for backing and large yardages because of their coupons - people hate because they don't hold up as well over time, and the shrinkage is supposedly greater with the washing... i've had no problems though!

  3. The hedgehogs, turtles and pandas are brilliant! Hope you enjoy all your new fabric!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics!! :) I would buy that fabric just for the turtles!!

  5. i love that half moon modern range - you have some beautiful choices here - now, the trick is to use them!! look fwd to seeing what you come up with

  6. Your custom half-yard bundle looks great! It all looks so good together! I love Intrepid Thread, but I have to stay away most of the time. All of her pretty pictures make me a little "Add to Cart" crazy :D