Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas quilt #3

I keep having to go back and check on which Christmas quilts I've blogged about - oops! Here's quilt number 3, which I finished for my mother-in-law. She loves bright colors, particularly yellow. My husband assured me that this is why he and his sister dress almost exclusively in black - to offset all her brightness!

Perhaps a little lazy to do all jelly roll race quilts, but I really consider myself to still be learning the craft, and these are a super way to practice some of the basics - you don't have to worry about matching up seams, yet you get something that looks great!

Most of the fabrics for this one came from clearance-rack half-jelly rolls I picked up at Joann, with other fabrics added from my stash. 

I quilted it with a wavy stitch that runs perpendicular to the seams on the quilt. The lines are nowhere near straight, but, A, MIL won't care, and B, it was good practice...right? ;) 

 Since Jeff said she loves yellow, I backed it with a marbled yellow flannel. The binding is a light/bright green, and the quilting was done with white. It's roughly twin sized, but I'm guessing it's best for a lap/couch quilt. :)

There we go! Two more Christmas quilts to blog about...and hopefully by the time those are posted about, I'll have made progress on something on my to-do list!

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