Thursday, January 19, 2012

Comment laziness

So I've gotten pretty lazy, my fellow readers.

Not about quilting - I've been moving right along with several of the projects I posted about in my Finish-a-Long post - the first project on the list is now completely quilting, waiting for string trimming, squaring, binding and washing. The third project, my extra baby-girl quilt top, is completely quilted, and even squared, so it just needs binding and washing, too. The jelly roll race quilt, project six, is now a quilt top, even!

I've managed to set myself up with a pretty good sewing schedule - my husband goes to jiu jitsu practice a couple of times a week, plus he gets out of the house every day for his thesis project. Since I'm at work all day, I only get to take advantage of that empty house time on Saturdays and Sundays - but I've gotten good about using those as my sewing times!

And I've also not gotten lazy about going to the gym - I've been going every odd-numbered day, and am working my way through the Couch-to-5K running program. So far so good there, too!

No no, readers, the part I've gotten lazy about is commenting on blogs! I used to just use the Blogger interface to read everything, which got a bit overwhelming as I started adding more and more blogs. Since getting my Kindle Fire for Christmas, though, I've been using the greader app for that - which is super convenient, but isn't always the easiest for commenting. Oops! There's so much great stuff going on - the finish along, the Swoon-along, and so forth - it's all so great, but I just haven't been commenting as much as I want to. Oops. :(


  1. No worries. You do what you can, when you can, and enjoy the process.

  2. I wanted not to comment for a joke but then realised you wouldn't know about it ;)
    We're all busy and can't comment all the time - there has to be a compromise, we can't do it all. I find when I've done lots of sewing I'm so behind on reading I can't catch up!
    So long as you leave me one now and then I know you're still reading :)
    I have seen people have added 'like' buttons to posts so people can just click that, I might do that!