Friday, May 6, 2011


Today has been one of those days at work (shhh, I'm still on the clock) where I feel like I only do things no one else wants to do, with no thanks from anyone. And that's partially true - I pay all the bills, which no one wants to do, and which the boss doesn't like. I take photos of cars, which is thankless work - you're never caught up, the boss is always annoyed that you can't have 100% photographed at any given moment, there are always more coming in. I update the website, only for others to find more problems.

I wish I could just stay home and sew.

I've recently discovered the joy of making clothes - a pair of pajama shorts for myself, a skirt which may or may not actually fit the daughter of a friend of mine. My husband, the man who has rebuilt so much of our house without looking at instructions (there aren't any, by the way), is in awe of my ability to turn a piece of fabric - acquired on clearance, or some other deep discount, of course - into a garment. This makes me proud. My ability, I mean, not his awe (though that's nice too, of course!).

I wish I could stay home and sew. I can't wait to have children to dress - so easy to make clothes. Fluffy flannels and cutesy cotton prints, $0.75 cents worth of fabric turned into handmade cloth armor (dmg resist +1, charisma +1).


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