Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm thinkin that my blog needs more photos. I bought more fabric yesterday, and have a cool project in mind for it, but what good is telling you that, without you being able to see it!? I found fabric in my stash, too, that I'm going to use for a shower curtain, which will be my inspiration for the paint scheme for my back bathroom, but again, why tell you if you can't see this beautiful fabric!? Oye.

So I'll take photos when I get home, so you can see the fabric I'll be using for halloween and Christmas buntings, and the fab for my shower curtain!


  1. You make me smile. Thanks for being such a good friend. And we'll do a drunken night soon. I promise.

  2. That sounds great!...and I still haven't taken the photos I promised, nor have I finished an item I'm supposed to send in the mail tomorrow, AND my progress on my May to-do list has been regretful. Sigh. I need that drink!!