Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Target Tuesday - Themeless!

This week for Target Tuesday, I'm going themeless! LOL!

I like these shorts (capris?) - I've been working out - lost two inches in my waist in two weeks - so new workout shorts would be a good positive reinforcement, don'tcha think? Of course, because I like them, so does everyone else, and they're out of stock.

Jeff claims that he'll go back to making iced tea if I actually get him ice cube trays he likes. These are silicone, which means they're bendy (they claim to be perfect!?) so that you can just pop the cubes out without ruining the tray itself. We'll see what Target has when I go there tonight.

My husband has a super nice D-SLR, but I have an ancient (by tech standards, anyway) point-and-shoot. I'd love to replace it, and who doesn't love electronics in pretty colors!? I don't like Target's website for judging whether or not to buy electronics - you can't tell if this one has a rechargeable battery, and I wouldn't buy a digital camera without one, but it's still pretty. :)


  1. I think I want those ice trays too!

  2. I love colorful electronics! That camera is cute! I need a new one!