Sunday, May 1, 2011

Safeway Savings

This was my first month of keeping track of how much we spend on groceries and how much we "save" by using coupons and Safeway's Just-4-U program.

Spent: $212.02
"Saved": $108.34
Retail value of groceries: $320.36

Percent saved: 33.82%!

I'm definitely happier to have paid $212 for our groceries - including my birthday party! - instead of $320. I think I can do better than 34%, though. One of my coworkers brings me the coupons from her newspaper every week - I was super happy to have scored a $2 jar of Nutella last week, because it was on sale at Safeway and I had a $1 coupon from her.

1 comment:

  1. great for saving, I always check sale ads, and go through my coupons and see where I can save the most... there are a few websites where you can print out scannable time I got our coffee for 3 dollars a can... I did buy 6 cans and used coupon for all of them.. yippee.. keep up the good work.