Friday, May 13, 2011

The promised pictures!

Sorry I've been so slow. You know how life goes sometimes, eh? Anyway, before I get to the photos I promised, I just wanted to spread the word about a GREAT giveaway at 1 Choice 4 Quilting - tons of prizes and great sales. Check it out!

And now...the promised photos!

As you may or may not know, my house is quite the work in progress. We've been tearing every room apart, one at a time (okay, we did the living room and dining room simultaneously) to remodel. The next project is redoing the second bathroom so that we can FINALLY get the washer and dryer installed - a year and a half of going to a laundromat has been TOO much! Anyway, I picked up these remnants at Joann's (as you can see!) and have decided that I'm going to make a shower curtain to be a focal point in the room. I LOVE the colors in this blue fabric, and plan on taking it with to Lowe's tomorrow when we go to pick out paint!

The Joann's here in Chico also recently added more holiday fabrics to their red line section, so I had to pick some up. I want to turn them into buntings to decorate the house with for each holiday (how domestic of me!). I tried to find a link, but couldn't - boo! Basically, think triangles on a fabric chain - I plan on making mine double sided, with interfacing in between, with the sides alternating so you can see both each way, if that makes sense!

Anyway, here's the Christmas ones:

And these will be for Halloween:

I'll probably find two more for each of these holidays, since the beam that I envision all of these hanging from runs across my whole living room.

What have YOU been working on!?


  1. You're so crafty! I want to learn how to sew. DJ's mom makes her own scrubs for work, so I think we're going to start there.

  2. Thanks! It's all way easier than I thought it would be, LOL!

    If you go to Joann's, watch for their sales - they regularly have patterns on sale for like, $3 or less, instead of the usual 40%-off-$16 or something ridic. They have cuuuute fabric on sale all the time, too, in the clearance section - $4 a yard or less, and they regularly have THAT on 50% off!