Monday, April 16, 2012

Too busy to photograph?

I was SO productive on Saturday, I'm mega-proud of myself. Of course, I didn't stop to take any photographs with my digital camera, just my iPad through Instagram. If you use it, too, my username is StephMabry. Lots of cute photos of cats, some of my hubby, and plenty of quilts, too. ;)

Now, what was I so busy with? I was busy working on all kinds of things on my Q2 Follow-Along list!

Status of those projects:

1 - K's quilt - no change. Oops.

2 - Crosshatch quilt - top is finished! back is pieced - it will be a yummy teal flannel that I think goes pretty darn well with the front. Sweet.

3 - Giant star - oh, wait, nothing here either. Maybe I wasn't as productive as I thought??

4 - 16 patch quilt - yes! Top is finished being put together, and so is the back (which will be brown flannel. SO creative, right? Not).

5 - baby quilts - Yes, more progress! Backing put together for all three, and two of them are basted - not all three because I was running out of pins and patience.

6 - Half Moon Modern - wait, nothing here, again? I can't decide if the coordinating solid that I have really coordinates as well as I want it to. Further contemplation needed.

7 - Baby clothes quilt - sorry, Rebecca, nothing done on this, but please don't think I've forgotten about it. Because I definitely haven't.

I did work on other things - see, I told you I got stuff done! I worked some more on one of the random squares quilts, so now they're sets of squares sewn into rectangles and then pinned, waiting to be made into 4-patch blocks. I haven't decided if I'm going to make them four patches or 16 patches.

I also have joined up with the My Precious QAL that's running on Flickr. The idea is that you cut into special fabric that you've been saving up and FINALLY make something with it. From the look of the Flickr group, no one's been able to use their precious Heather Ross fabric - there's lots of swapping of Mendocino going on over there! I, however, have hacked up my Outfoxed:

To turn them into squares:

Which I will use for a variation on this quilt, from Moda Bake Shop:

So the weekend tally? Two quilt tops finished, five backs put together, two quilts basted, a bunch of squares sewn into rectangles, and more fabric cut up into squares. Oh, and I finished finding fabric for the Spectrum Charm Swap: BRIGHTS, also on Flickr. There are still spaces available, if you want to join up! :)

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