Monday, April 2, 2012

Overboard? NEVER!

So it's quite possible that I've gone a little overboard with squares. I'm LOVING squares right now. From some WIPs that I've posted to some that I haven't gotten to show you yet, to the... FIVE charm square swaps that I'm in, to fabric that I'm buying and cutting up... it's a bit ridiculous.

(Oh, FYI? If you're looking to join fabric swaps, or you know about some, please check out the Flickr group Fabric Swap Finder - help facilitate our addictions! ;)

Anyway, last week Fabric Shoppe posted on their Facebook page that they were offering up four free fat quarters with any order over a certain amount, so of course I had to get in on that. Of course. I snagged one of their "A Surprise in My Mailbox" remnant bundles, and was SUPER pleased with the results!

Between the "surprise" and the four FQs, this is what I got - plus a bit of Pezzy Prints, which I included for my giveaway winner since I was bad and hadn't sent it yet! Oops!

The bundle split itself pretty nicely into two sets of fabrics. I usually ask my husband for input, and he said he dislikes them both because they're too busy. Too bad.

 I added some fabric from my stash (the pinky-red print at the top) but otherwise, it was all from the bundle.
And here's the other set. The blue/yellow print with birds on it was from my stash for this grouping. I don't remember what it is but I got it as a remnant (I think?) from Sew, Mama, Sew!'s clearance section. The only fabric I wasn't sure about was the gold-with-white-dots-and-red-and-gray-roses-on-it, but I think it will work out okay!

I definitely recommend Fabric Shoppe for all your fabric hoarding needs. Quick shipping, great selection...and make sure to check out their FB page for specials. :)

I think I'll probably end up doing more four-patch blocks with these. Any thoughts on what solid to pair them with? I like plain ol' white for the top set but I'm not sure about the bottom. Input is appreciated!

(and now I'm off to order another set. Because I need fabric for the last swap, and it's my first payday since my raise, so I have to keep celebrating. Because the iPad wasn't enough...)


  1. Wow, lots of warm colors in there. How fun, I got to order myself a surprise! I think your questionable fabric might be a Riley Blake...? I have seen it a lot lately.

  2. OOhhh they look gorgeous! Great selection :)

  3. Overboard with squares? No... not possible! Love your choices - can't wait to see it put together!