Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tagged, um, a month ago. Oops.

 So Lucy at Charm About You, who is possibly one of my favorite bloggers (aww!) tagged me to answer 11 random questions. I'm supposed to tag people and then have them answer different random questions...but I'm lazy (as shown by the fact that Lucy tagged me on the 22nd of March - really? Come on, Steph.) and am just going to answer. So here goes.

1. What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?

Uh. I guess join the Air Force out of high school? This wasn't particularly spontaneous, but I'm REALLY not a spontaneous person, AT ALL, and this was something unexpected.

Proof? Here's me (on the left) and my good pal Jody (check out her blog, A Servant in House Beautiful, for very moving/inspirational posts about her quest to adopt!) on the day we graduated from basic training.

2. What is your favourite time of day?

Whatever time it is when I get to leave work, which is usually 4:30PM. Seriously, there have been several occasions where I've run to my car after clocking out!

3. Which colour of fabric do you use the most?

White. Boring, huh? It's essential, though, for sashing and coordinating. Other than that, probably blue. I love blue. :)

4. Did you have a toy/blanket that you took to bed when you were little?

Yup, his name was Aetna Bear. What? Yes, my teddy bear was named after a health insurance company. My parents have worked for the company basically my whole life, and I got the bear from a raffle at some family day event that they had. It was wearing a little white t-shirt with the company's logo on it. I still have the bear, too, up in my attic.

5. What song always gets stuck in your head?

Lately, the song "Victoria," by Eve 6. It's their new single, I'm going to see them on 4/22 in Sacramento for my birthday, and I absolutely cannot wait! They're one of the few bands I've seen in concert and I think it's swell that they're coming to town the day before my birthday and their new CD (their first since '03) is coming out the day after. :)

6. What's the best concert you've ever been to? Um, Eve 6? LOL. Funny you asked! I went to see them in June of 2003, right after high school ended, on one of their last tours. I was RIGHT up front at the show (which was standing room only). Here's a photo I took of the lead singer, Max (who looks much better with the shaved head he's got now!).

7. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A better question would be what didn't I want to be, hah. Journalist, author, veterinarian (specifically for birds), meteorologist, paleontologist...lots of things described by big words. Needless to say, "paperwork girl at a car dealership" was not on the list. Oh well.

8. Camping or a hotel?

Hotel, hands down. I've been camping once and it was awful. Never again.

9. Do you have a nickname?

Other than Steph, my husband calls me Monkey. I call him Panda. :)

10. Can you play any instruments?

In junior high I played the clarinet and bass clarinet, but I haven't really played either in years. I can still tinker around on a piano, a little. Tunes like this one, from Big Bang Theory. ;)

11. Would you rather call/text/email or write a letter?

Definitely NOT call. I like texting, and a friend of mine and I have recently started writing actual letters back and forth to each other, which has been fun. It all depends on the situation, I suppose!


So there ya go, 11 random questions about me. I'm sure it was more fun for me to answer than for you to read, LOL ;) 


  1. You are such a sweetie!! I smiled at all your answers and it was so fun reading more about you :) I bet you're going to have an awesome birthday!

  2. thanks for sharing! I always like the peeks into bloggers 'real' lives

  3. I have to say that it always seems funny when I see people talking on the phone. I rarely do anymore. And Agreed about white being essential--even if it is boring. Can be stunning in contrast though!