Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tattoo photos

Really this post is nothing more than a dump of photos I've taken of my own leg. LOL. Can't wait - going back next Wednesday to get started on color!

Derek, from Victory Tattoo here in Chico, said I won the biggest bandage of the week award. No prize was awarded, unfortunately. You can check Derek out on Facebook, too.

It's me, so of course there's got to be a stack of fabric in a photo, right?? ;)

And one with a kitty, too! Hi, Molly!

Come back tomorrow for something else that's fun, too! ;)


  1. That looks very painful! Love the pattern =D

  2. Oh man is that gorgeous! I don't envy you when it comes time to do the shading around your shins, but it'll be well worth it! How many sittings will you need for color?

  3. very nice! the first pic looks like henna :)