Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Navy Sample Share - Shorts!

It is possible to have a crush on a website? Cuz I have a little bit of a crush on Crowdtap, a site that allows you to interact with brands, where you give them feedback on their products in exchange for free stuff and gift cards (I always redeem my points for Amazon cash!).

The latest Sample Share I got to participate in was for Old Navy's shorts collection. I got coupons to go with a friend of mine to try out any shorts we wanted (shorts being anything that is too short to cover my stupid looking knees).

I think between the two of us we tried on most of the different pairs! The first ones I tried were the Printed Canvas Shorts, which were super cute (unfortunately you can't see HOW super cute they were, since I'm a terrible photographer - trust me, there was a neat print on them!). I didn't like the way they were SO short - I really wish that Old Navy offered patterns like these on their longer shorts, though. Probably the best part of the photograph is that you can at least sort of see how high on my leg my tattoo "WIP" comes - a little bit above my knee! Love it!!

Our Old Navy was recently remodeled, and these fun labels were in the dressing room - I just wish that the middle one said "Try It On!" or something like that, so I would definitely-for-sure remember which pieces I hadn't tried yet!

Anyway, the shorts on the left are the Perfect Khaki Shorts (5" inseam) and the ones on the right are the Ultimate Bermudas with stretch, which I wasn't able to find on their website. The problem with both pairs was that the legs were too tight on me in my regular size, but when I went up a size, the waist was WAY too big.

Because of that little bit of disproportionality, I ended up choosing the Relaxed Chino Shorts (9 1/2" inseam) in Rifle Gray.

I like them because, as you can juuuust barely see, they have buttons at the waist. These buttons go with little tabs that remind me of the tabs on my BDU pants from the Air Force - you can make the waist just a little bit smaller with them! Hooray! Unfortunately, I still had to go up a size for my thunder thighs I mean powerful legs to fit properly...and as such, will have to adjust the positions of the buttons. Oh well - better that than legs that are suffocating, right??

My friend (who's apparently pretty camera shy!) had similar thoughts about most of the shorts. She liked the chinos I got, but she's a bit shorter than me so they were way too long on her! She picked the Cuffed Twill Shorts (7" inseam) in Tree Frog - she liked the length, the front accent pockets, and the fun color!

Overall - definitely a fun afternoon! It was a great break from work, as we hit up the nearby KFC for chicken afterwards. Delish!

Thank you so much, Crowdtap, for another great pair of summer shorts from Old Navy! Click the Crowdtap link to sign up and you too could have a chance at free stuff! ;)

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